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Friday, February 27, 2009

Binge Consumerism: Shhh! Not supposed to say that!

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OK, so let me get this straight... the most important thing in a 376-page document produced by the White House Middle Class Task Force was one page left out of the summary that went to the decision-makers... because it's a political hot potato??? What, like the brain-dead obvious fact that unless we (as in the human race, but we as Americans specifically) don't tone down our crazy binge consumerism and planned-obsolesence mentality and start living more frugally and more thriftily, we're doomed to a withered dead Thunderdome-like non-Green planet no matter what technologies and methodologies we employ. Am I somewhat close here?

I gotta say this much. At least the wording got in the full report. First time it's been stated so plainly in a highly-visible government document that I can remember. It's a start. But come on, guys! What happened to The O's promise of transparency and facing up to the challenges?

Meantime, go put in your CFL bulbs and your water-saving showerheads. Unless they include the missing text in a revised remit and give it a good public discussion, it won't make much difference, but it'll make you feel better as the world starts to look like a Kevin Costner movie.

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