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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Just another Tuesday, like any other;
Spring just starting, auspiciously
Hinting at new beginnings
And the end of those things known.

Struggling to survive, to understand
Amidst the scatterings of yesterday,
Aloof and unaffected, engaged and in pain;
Knowing the worst, trying to forget.

The gods look after natural fools
And those desperately being foolish;
We feel doubly blessed, yet naked,
For the gods do not fear mortality.

A lifetime spent dreaming, unaware,
Awakened only to flee to sleep again,
Fitfully, uncertainly, in fear of hurting, but
Destined to arouse refreshed and clear.

Standing before the vessel
Holding her spirit in bondage, with
Deadened voices, numb minds,
Our hearts bricks in our chests.

Family, friends gather close,
Whispering words we’d never shared;
So wonderful and terrible, this Thing
Which brings families together.

Seeming to be merely napping,
Comfortable and peaceful in your quilt.
Everyone arrives; it is time.
The harpist plays softly.

Her breathing slows,
The body’s struggle to remain
Amazing, difficult to watch.
Life, so precious, so tenacious, so tenuous.

Whispers, “We’re here, mommy”,
“We love you, mommy”.
We tell stories, remembering her life,
Holding her hands, caressing her cheek.

Oh, that familiar cheek, often kissed,
Giving, receiving the precious Touch
So often more happily remembered
When she laughed, wept.

Remembering her hands, so soft,
Gently touching, bearing love, now still,
Her blue eyes, bright and laughing,
Now dimmed and empty.

Now we must give you over
To complete your journey,
As the last efforts cease
And the room grows still.

“Goodbye mommy” we say.
The pastor prays, comforts.
A final tear courses down your cheek,
Matching the tears on ours.

The harpist plays a final note,
Carrying your last breath to the heavens.
Last touches, final caresses,
Prayers, comforting words, hugs.

Awakening from a lifetime of dreams,
Believing we’re immortal, godlike,
Finally realizing the Purpose of living:
To embrace every precious moment.

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