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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thoughts about disruption, chaos, and change

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Too often we don protective gear to battle life's changes. The key is to open fully to the experience, welcome it, embrace it, merge with it, observe it, wonder at it, and when it has done what it came to do (which is never what it seems beforehand, and always is for your good), let it pass through you.

You'll often hear, "Embrace the Chaos!" I would add to that, don't confuse the chaos for randomness. Chaos is very constructive, in a destructive sort of way. Think of the Indian goddess Kali. Or in business-speak, "destructive innovation". Or in economist-speak, "creative destruction".

Life is all about renewals, resurrections, rebirths. That which is static is dead. You are pure energy, manifesting as matter, and if change did not occur, you would cease to exist. Whether change comes from major events in your life, or was the result of a bad pizza, always embrace change... especially the "hard" kind. That's where lessons lie.

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