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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods Boycott: One Insiders' Viewpoint

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I am participating in the Whole Foods Boycott. This isn't easy for me, because I love roasted salted pecans, and that's the only place within reasonable driving distance to get them. I know, this seems like a small sacrifice, but you don't know how much I love my pecans! Anyone want to open a Trader Joe's in the Highlands Ranch area (or heck, anywhere near Denver) I'll be eternally grateful!

Anyway, while I was commenting on a Facebook boycott group (located here; you must have a Facebook account to open the link), I ran across the comments of an actual employee of Whole Foods. She never actually asked that people not boycott, but she does bring a good alternative perspective to the matter. I'm still boycotting until either the CEO is gone, or they come out in favor of universal healthcare, or at the very least they issue a really, really good apology (and not the halfway apology offered by their PR team today). Despite all this, you might want to give this a read, just to remember that corporations are not all made up of suits and fatcats:

Comments of Linda Hery Lackman on Boycott Whole Foods (Facebook group, located at

"As an employee of Whole Foods Market I would like to respond to all the backlash toward them. First of all WFM happens to be one of the best places I have ever worked. While they do have a deductible for their health coverage they also give you a visa card for the deductible to use as you wish for medical expenses including alternative care. I think that is very generous. They also provide health insurance for partners, regardless of sexual orientation. I think this is way ahead of other companies. And to say that they do not care about their communities they are the main supporter for raising funds with Chef Ann to replace food in the Boulder Valley Schools with natural and organic foods so our children are given the right to eat healthy. They are cooking all food on site with real ingredients not processed. While I agree we should have universal healthcare in this country, John Mackey is entitled to his opinion. I thought that is what a democracy was."

"One of the things I hated about George Bush, and there were many things, was that we were not aloud to have a difference of opinion. He stripped us of engaging in a dialogue about anything. I applaud Obama for trying to get us universal healthcare but it is everyones American right to disagree with him and have different ideas so we could have the best plan possible and he would say the same."

"One more thing, John Mackey does not decide what kind of health ins. the employees get, the employees do. Every three years the employees are given the choice of several different benefit packages and the employees vote on which one they would prefer. Again nothing I have ever seen with any other company."

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